Tuesday, October 28, 2014

OnOne´s Perfect Photo Suite 9 is out

The new Suite 9 came out some 10 hours ago. Here is my first impressions.

  • The initial loading is so much faster than the old one.
  • The masking tools have improved.
  • And I tried out the SunSpot filter on my photo of Hallgrims church, it is so easy to use.

I put the new effect on top of the original posted tif, so the slight halo is from the original edit
I also made a mask to avoid the sun rays on the front of the church
And I made a gradient masking on the top right part of the sky to tone the effect down

Is the effect to much? Let me know

I am looking forward to get into all the new features of the Suite 9

Check out the original edit of this photo

Black & White Photo Challenge day 5 of 5

Jewish Museum, Berlin

Margit enjoying the September sun in the courtyard of the museum

Margit in Berlin

Saturday, October 25, 2014

B&W Challenge day 2 of 5

Morning fog

Morning fog

On the way to work I pass a small lake, and for some time I noticed a lot of gulls gathering in the morning. I was waiting for a day with fog and then one morning there it was thick fog and lots of birds.

This row of gulls on the railing is my second contribution to the B&W challenge.

Here is one more shot from the same morning with some color, though the fog has taken out most of it.

Semi monocrome

Friday, October 24, 2014

B&W Challenge day 1 of 5

Henry Chan that was on the same trip to Iceland as me, just challenged me to a 5 day Black and White photo challenge on Facebook.

So while I do not post my best work on Facebook, I will post the 5 photos in 5 days here on my blog and link to them from facebook.

I will try to mix it up and post some new, some old, some nature and some urban shoots.

Here is a shot from Iceland on the first official day of the workshop. Matt in the Mist

I think this is Matt in the mist, so that is what I have named it

Monday, October 20, 2014

Hallgrims Church - Iceland

The first day in Iceland before the workshop started we wend to the Hallgrimskirkja church. That day I did not get the photo that I was really hoping to get. At first the sky was to light in the background, silhouetting the church, then there were to many people in the foreground, and finally it started to rain.

The final day in the morning before going to the airport a couple of us wend back. 20 minutes before I was supposed to leave the hotel I got this shot. I am still going back some day to get a shot with more movement in the sky, but for now this shot is my best