Monday, November 15, 2021

Advice to new hobby photographers

By request by Jack Ricci Sanchez

I will try to formulate the advice I would have liked to received when I started out in the photography hobby

Shoot a lot 

Get to know your gear to a point where it doesn't get in your way

Experiment with technique and style, don't get stuck in one type of photography early on 

Practice... not all pictures has to be shown to others. The purpose of every shoot does not have to be to get good photos. Sometimes you can just practice panning by shooting cars going by

Review your work. If a shot does not make the cut. Why? What could have been done differently?

Get inspired

Look at work from photographers you admire

Why do you like a specific photo? Analyse what makes or breaks a photo for you.

Do more of what you like 

Study classic art paintings

Mimic others work, but make it your own

Once you have learned how other are shooting. Find your own style 

Learn photography basics

Learn composition. Rule of thirds, leading lines, patters and symmetry. Frame within a frame etc.

Learn the rules before you break them

Learn exposure triangle 

Get out of auto mode. Take control 

Customise your camera

Set it up for your style of shooting. Learn all the features and customise the buttons

Turn on electronic level and grid lines in camera 

Try Back button focus it is a game changer if you can get used to it

Vision not gear 

Don't lust for the next pice of equipment. Get to know the camera you have

The difference between a snapshot and photograph is intend. Think about what you are trying to communicate. Tell a story or create a pice of art. Pre-visualize. Shoot for the end product. Think about what adds to the picture you want to create and what takes away. Remove elements that distract by getting closer or changing angle. Even think about how you are going to post process.

If the end result is going to in black and white. Set your camera up to display in black and white, also in the viewfinder if possible

If dynamic range is to wide use exposure bracketing 

If the scene is too wide shoot for Panorama 

If you want movement in the frame choose your shutter speed to blur out water or people...

Get someone you trust to critique your work

Someone that wants the best for you, that want to see you evolve. Not someone that want to push you down to lift them selves up

It can be someone whos work you admire, but it does not have to be

It is more important that they share honest opinions 

When getting critique take only what you can use. 

That goes for my advice as well